What to do when bitten?

Remove a tick

It is advisable to remove the tick as soon as possible in an appropriate manner, i.e.
 using a tick forceps or a tick card, without compressing the back of the tick. 
Remove the tick calmly and in one movement.Removal of a tick

Be careful not to:

  • crush the tick's abdomen
  • twist the tick
  • apply products such as ether, alcohol, oil...
  • burn the tick.

More information on the website: https://www.wiv-isp.be/matra/CF/cf_tiques.aspx

Follow-up symptoms

It is important to monitor possible symptoms after a tick bite for a month. If you develop symptoms such as a red expanding ring at the site of the tick bite or flu-like symptoms, you should consult your doctor. You can find more information on the possible signs of the disease here